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    First of All,I would like to salute your gallant efforts to help US Military Veterans in any way you can. I see that you served yourself & came home disabled, & to still continue to show such honor deserves only my highest respect for you.

    Now, down to business. How do I make a donation to your cause ? I would like to make a sizable & recurring monthly amount to not only help out immediately, but to continue that support for the months & years to come.

    I am very impressed & humbled at your dedication & would like to say that your current mission only speaks volumes about your honor. Thank You For Your Service Sir.

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    Thank You Ma'am for those kind words, they mean so much coming from such an accomplished military member such as yourself.

    I can only say that my service related disabilities will never dampen my mission to serve & support my Brothers & Sisters in arms who now find themselves in need.

    As for your desire to support my efforts I am very thankful & you can easily make your caring donation now & going forward via the safe & secure Pay Pal on the bottom right of this site.

    Please come back to visit us when you have the time & God Bless America.


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