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    This site was created to assist & honor those brave, honorable Men & Women who now serve or served in the past & are now Veterans.
    Of what you might ask. These young heroes left the security of their own homes & families, & went to war in many far off lands to protect a land they loved but the wonderful Men & Women who were at home, enjoying the freedoms that were provided due to their many sacrifices.

    Many now find themselves forgotten, abandoned, without jobs, many times disabled by their services, & no one seems to care.

    We are here to ask for donations that will allow us to provide the help they need.

    More than 20 commit suicide daily, out of sadness & desperation or the demons that haunt them, day & night.

    Please dont desert them in their own time of need when only a few dollars could make all the difference.

    A secure Pay Pal link has been provided at the bottom of this site

    Just follow your heart.

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